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Customization BtoB

Are you a professional, a business or director of a sports club? Why not think about MUB for your next collaboration or promotion with our choice of function-focused bags.

Offering a selection of designs suited to your company’s criteria, we can provide a range of products for any occasion (end of year celebrations, welcome gift) along with ideas for events, special offers, marketing and partnership promos.

A refined collection of functional bags, MUB was created to provide instant functionality and endless practicality for a fast paced lifestyle. From work trips, weekends away and regular sporting activities, each bag has been created to organise and simplify everyday activities thanks to its ergonomic and thoughtful design.

MUB- the brand that makes a big difference

Our objective: To improve your business by transforming a useful accessory into a portable communication tool, promoting your company efficiently and easily.
Our proposal: To personalise one of our iconic bags with your logo - offering instant visibility and endless marketing potential. Using a thermo-printing method, we guarantee each customised design will provide a high-quality finish and a durable weather resistance. You can choose to print your logo in colour or black and white.



Tailored to you
We work with a wide variety of different companies looking to develop a personalised product. Created in collaboration with our in-house designer, we are able to propose a range of bespoke bag options (colour, shape, material..). Each custom item is available subject to a minimum order quantity to be defined during our consultation process.

These companies have already entrusted MUB for their bespoke bag projects: Total, Dometic, Electronic Arts, Vinci, Epicto... and more…

For more information on our B2B service, please contact us via email:

We will proceed to:

-Create a personalised dossier concerning the technical criteria of your project (please enclose your image logo superimposed onto one of our bags).

 -Offer an estimate (business rates with personalisation options) in less than 48 hours.

Worldwide shipping available