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Tourism under pandemic - Tech & Health win the hearts

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Tourism under pandemic - Tech & Health win the hearts

Health and Wellness Tour

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To win customers' hearts, companies need to understand customers' needs and transform accordingly. Many hotels have introduced "staycation", which is a popular travel option among the locals during the pandemic. Traffic restrictions have prevented people from traveling to other countries, therefore large hotels are offering special packages to stimulate purchases, such as free upgraded sea view rooms, free breakfast buffet, dinner for two at restaurants, massage services, fitness travel passes etc., so that tourists can also enjoy the vacation atmosphere within their own cities.

Take the Hanbi House located near Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan as an example. In March 2020, Hanbi House launched the Summer Wellness Tour in line with the global wellness travel craze. It focuses on "nourishing the mind" and combines a customized wellness diet with Hanbi House's prominent SPA treatment, summer-exclusive water yoga and meditation session to meet the global demand for physical and mental health. According to Deloitte, its unique market positioning has maintained an occupied rate of over 80% despite the epidemic. Its ability to cultivate shared and unique experiences is the key to win.

Quarantine Travel

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Image from CNN

Some countries allow tourists to have a vacation during quarantine, solving the boredom from the isolation while meeting the desire to chill.

Some companies have launched "Smart Cruise Travel" and "Golf Quarantine Travel", which allows you to travel around a cruise or golf course with a smart wristband during the 14-day quarantine period. The wristband will measure the pulse, blood pressure and temperature of visitors in real time to ensure that suspected cases can be detected in the first place. In addition to the rollout of the vaccine program, the Thai authorities have historically allowed vaccinated tourists to be exempted from quarantine when travelling to Phuket. It is one of the few countries that restore its tourism fast.

In addition, travel bubbles are another type of travel agreement in the event of an epidemic, allowing people from less risky regions to travel between each other's countries with adequate safety measures. The 14-day quarantine is no longer mandatory. New Zealand and Australia are already preparing to establish a travel bubble; Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have already opened their borders to each other. Hong Kong and Singapore are working closely together. These measures will revive the tourism industry and restructure the economy.

Virtual Travel

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Since the pandemic, the wanderlusts were propelled to stay in a city. Some municipalities have offered Virtual Tour Packages, allowing travel enthusiasts to relish the taste of travel without leaving home. Last October, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government offered a virtual tour of Tokyo's famous sightseeing spots for only about HK$73.

Some companies have introduced VR technology for tourists to preview destinations in advance. A Japanese entertainment company called "First Airlines" has launched a VR travel service that allows visitors to simulate the experience of flying overseas through VR headsets. According to Reuters, First Airline's business has increased by about 50 percent since the outbreak of the epidemic.

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The epidemic is changing the way we all travel. Putting more effort to research, you can still have fun traveling under the epidemic.

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