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【How do you choose a gym bag?】

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【How do you choose a gym bag?】

You've finished working out and feeling thirsty, only to find your water bottle sinking to the bottom of the clothes in your bag. You have to take everything out to find it. Shoes, towels and clothes mixes with company documents and laptops, which may get them wet and crumpled. Sometimes, you forget to bring toiletries. What can you do to solve these problems? The design of a fitness bag is one of the determining factors. How can I choose a suitable gym bag? You can consider the following ideas:

Easy access to things

It's important to categorise things so you can access to them immediately at your need. Since water bottles are frequently used items, it's a good idea to have a meshed pocket outside a gym bag to accommodate it. Clothing and shoes can be stored separately. It would be better if there is a dedicated shoes compartment for easy retrieval. Since the straps can get in the way while searching, a magnetic buckle that locks them up eliminates the barriers.

Separating work and personal items

Most people work out before and after work. If there's a need to bring work back home, documents and laptops are propelled to sit with sweaty clothes and wet towels together. To ensure hygiene and electronic safety, separating compartment for work and personal items is a must. You can then ensure your laptop and office documents are intact.

Remind you what to bring

During packing, it is inevitably for someone to miss something behind. If this happens to you, you may need extra tips on what to bring. The packing list attached on your gym bag allows you to check if you have all the things you need at anytime. Small markers on different positions of the bag also remind you where to put things and keep things organized.

Easy to carry

Fitness bags can be quite heavy, so several carrying methods would make the loading easier. When riding a motorcycle, you can carry the bag as a crossbody. You can also hold the bag by hand when your shoulders get tired. Carrying as a shoulder bag is another typical style for white collars.

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