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【How to Match Smart Casual Wear For Men?】

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【How to Match Smart Casual Wear For Men?】

With the emergence of the technology industry, more people like to wear business casual to work or social occasions, making themselves more comfortable and approachable. It balances off between the formality and casualness. How can men dress in smart casual?

What is Smart Casual?

It is a style between "formal" and "casual" that looks decent and approachable, and is a recent favourite style of many busy entrepreneurs and minimalist.

Dressing Style

1. Golf Style

Suit jacket + T-shirt + shoes

Image from Pinterest

This is a common look at many golf courses and fashion weeks. The blazer looks dignified and polite, but the t-shirt and shoes still reveal a lively style that mixes sports and business elements.

2. British Gentlemen Style

Casual suit + jeans + loafer

Image from Pinterest

We can also infuse the casual element on the lower half body by wearing jeans. To balance the ritual, we suggest wearing loafer shoes or any leather shoes. If you add a small item such as a watch or handkerchief, it will be a great highlight! A briefcase can also be worn to add a sense of maturity.


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3. Mature Korean Style

Coat + Pants + Sneakers

Image from Pinterest

This look is especially suitable for taller men, and is often seen in Korean dramas. The long coat shows the slender body shape, meanwhile adding a sense of formality and charisma. The inner wear can be changed according to the weather. When it is less cool, you can simply wear a T-shirt; when it is cold, you can wear a sweater.

Trousers in nine-quarter length is just right, and you can also wear a pair of carefully matched flower socks to reveal some personality.

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4. Cool and Glamorous Men's Style

Leather jacket + Shirt + Oxford Shoes

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Once wearing a leather jacket, a man's maturity quickly multiplies. The leather jacket always gives people a sense of rebellion. It is sought after by many Hollywood stars such as Beckham, Chris Evans and Ryan Reynolds. Wearing a leather jacket with the cool charm undoubtedly attracts a lot of attention.

Oxford shoes definitely matches well with the leather jacket, while the top shirt and bottom pants can be mixed and matched in khaki, white, grey, curry or blue colour.

Business casual has become popular in recent years. You can try to match some of the above styles!

Banner photo from Andrew Neel of Unsplash


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